Linnet Combo-07 Neem Wood Hair Combs Set

100% natural wooden hair comb. Sustainable, Zero waste, Eco-friendly gift for Women, Men, and Girls.

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Linnet Combo-07 Neem Wood Hair Combs Set

1. Nimkath wide-tooth comb with handle

  • Wide tooth comb with a handle made of Neem wood. Finished, hand sanded, and treated with vegetable oils and waxes
  • De-tangles without damaging the hair and untangles the hair knots without deconstructing the stem
  • The comb is composed of two wooden bands that allow it to be used even on wet hair, which is essential for applying conditioners and creams during washing
  • Ideal for normal, curly, or wavy hair

2. Premium Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush

Material: Bristle & handle- bamboo, cushion- leather


The handles and teeth of our paddle brush are made of natural bamboo and have no paint, so they are very environmentally friendly and durable, and will not break as easily as plastic combs and will lose paint;


The comb teeth of our wooden hair brush are spherical in design, and with air bags can massage the scalp while combing hair to promote blood circulation in the head;


This wooden paddle brush is perfect for men women and kids. Perfect for wet or dry, thick or fine, straight or curly hair, and doesn’t pull your hair out;


 The comb handles and teeth of our bamboo paddle brush are made of natural bamboo to reduce the generation of static electricity, thereby closing the hair scales and making the hair smoother;


• Brushing wet hair can cause damage, so use our wide-tooth comb to gently ease tangles or distribute treatments and conditioners from root to tip

• Use on wet and dry hair.

,• De tangles,• Anti-static,

• Plastic free,

• 100% natural,

• Sustainable,

• Composable,

• Biodegradable,

• Lightweight,

• Durable

• Vegan-friendly,