Linnet Combo-06 Neem Wood Hair Combs Set

100% natural wooden hair comb. Sustainable, Zero waste, Eco-friendly gift for Women, Men, and Girls.

550   BDT500


Linnet Combo-06 Neem Wood Hair Combs Set

1. Nimkath fine and coarse-toothed comb


Neem wood comb reduces dandruff and hair fall.

Improves blood circulation and gives a gentle massage to the scalp.

Detangles leave hair smooth and frizz-free.

Fights fungal infections with regular use.

Eco-friendly, non-plastic comb.

2. Nimkath wide-tooth comb with handle

  • Wide tooth comb with a handle made of Neem wood. Finished, hand sanded, and treated with vegetable oils and waxes
  • De-tangles without damaging the hair and untangles the hair knots without deconstructing the stem
  • The comb is composed of two wooden bands that allow it to be used even on wet hair, which is essential for applying conditioners and creams during washing
  • Ideal for normal, curly, or wavy hair


• Brushing wet hair can cause damage, so use our wide-tooth comb to gently ease tangles or distribute treatments and conditioners from root to tip

• Use on wet and dry hair.

• De tangles,

• Anti-static,

• Plastic free,

• 100% natural,

• Sustainable,

• Composable,

• Biodegradable,

• Lightweight,

• Durable

• Vegan-friendly,