Frequently asked questions

General Information

A: Many products claim to be natural or organic, but how can you tell? Here at LINNET we disclose all our ingredients on each product page so you know exactly what you are putting on your skin. Our products are entirely clean, organic, natural, vegan, fragrance free.

A : Our hand made soaps are made in a cold process. In such a process no cooking is used. The warmed oil are blended with the lye to produce the soap. This is excellent because it ensures the qualities of the oils remain intact and do not deteriorate as they are sensitive to heat.

A: It means that the plant was grown with respect for the earth, the soil, the farmer and you, the consumer. Certified organic farms adhere to strict standards, growing crops without the use of harmful pesticides or the usual dose of toxic chemical fertilizers. Manufacturers of certified organic products have to undertake a monumental process that assures consumers of the purity of each ingredient, process and final product, through every stage of manufacture.

A: No, and we never have. Read more about our ingredient values here. All LINNET products are free from worrisome ingredients, like artificial preservatives, fragrance, surfactants, emulsifiers, sulfates, parabens, antibacterial chemicals.

A: Our skin’s naturally protective ‘acid mantle’ is generally between pH 5-6. All our products are formulated to closely support this balance and enhance the skin’s protective ability and function as a barrier.
Our pure organic cleansing soap bars naturally have a slightly higher pH, due to the saponification process. Being mild and super natural means that they release moisturizing glycerin from the rich botanical oils for an extremely gentle, non-drying and detergent-free cleansing.

A: We would have to say because of the quality! Natural and organic products are based on ‘living’, full-of-goodness plant ingredient.
Also, as with foods, certified organics will cost more than non-organic as they are grown and harvested more sustainably without artificial fertilizers and pesticides - much loving care goes into producing that extremely high quality.

Order Information

A: We do not currently ship international orders.

A: Yes absolutely! Just add the alternative address when prompted in the Shipping Address section during the checkout process or select one previously entered from your address book

A: Yes, we would be happy to assist you with your order via telephone. Please contact our Customer Service Team between the hours of 10.00am-6pm, Saturday—Thrusday at +8801752561150. If we do not answer during business hours it is because we are assisting other customers. Please leave one voice message or send one email to us at and we will assist you as soon as possible. Because we experience a high volume of calls and emails, we respond to all messages in the order they were received.

A: It is very difficult to cancel or change an order once it has been placed. Please contact Customer Service as soon as possible at +8801752561150, 10.00am-6pm, Saturday—Thrusday or via email at with your order number and instructions regarding your order. If your order has not yet moved to our Shipping Department we may be able to modify or cancel it.

A: If you received a tracking number and you have not received your order after three business days, or if you have questions about your order, please contact our Customer Service Team between the hours of 10.00am-6pm, Saturday—Thrusday at or call +8801752561150